Our practice areas & experience

Our practice areas & experience

"Lawgistics" renders not only legal support in transport system, but also provides a full range of legal services, while interacting with the international legal community and forwarding legal services.

The qualified lawyers of “Lawgistics” also protect the interests of their clients in the field of industry issues, transport law, intellectual property, government procurement, labour and migration law, customs law, real estate and construction law, company law, public and administrative law, and solve any other tasks and issues set by the client.

Industry-Related Issues icon Industry-Related Issues

The lawyers of “Lawgists” provide a full range of legal services, combining work experience in emerging markets with international professional standards, as well as offering their clients a multifaceted approach.

Transport Law icon Transport Law

The success of “Lawgistics” in many respects depends on the people working therein. Therefore, the team of its lawyers with precious long-term experience in the field of transport logistics in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union is the advantage and pride of “Lawgistics”.

The subject of the transport law is the public relations between transport enterprises and customers, when such relations emerge from the provision of services associated with the use of vehicles for the implementation of transport process.

Our company is the leader and the only company recommended for solving issues closely related to the set of norms and the transport discipline governing public relations in the sector of transport system, mainly in the field of multimodal transportation.

Settlement of Disputes icon Settlement of Disputes

Qualified lawyers of “Lawgistics” have extensive experience in solving all kinds of disputes both as in the courts of Latvia so in the European Union.

We offer legal advice and assistance based on an individual approach in a wide range of law areas, objectively assessing the client's situation and highlighting the key challenges for the development of an individual dispute settlement strategy.

“Lawgistics” offers legal support in all areas and at all stages of dispute settlement, such as: the preparation of an advance notice and all the necessary documents to initiate legal proceedings; legal support in negotiations on settlement of disputes; representation of clients’ interests in courts; legal support in the recognition and enforcement of the rulings of the court and other foreign writs of execution.

Litigation icon Litigation

The specialists of the law firm “Lawgistics” have considerable experience in representing the interests of their clients in the courts of the Republic of Latvia, as well as in governmental and municipal authorities.

We represent the interests of our clients in almost all courts of the Republic of Latvia in such cases as collecting debts, contesting counterfeit transactions, resolving diverse disputes and other relevant legal issues with representation of the client’s interests.

Labour and Migration Law icon Labour and Migration Law

“Lawgistics” provides legal support on a wide range of human resource issues, including employment and dismissal of employees, registration of employment relations, settlement of labour disputes, as well as legal support for applying migration law.

We offer our clients advice on general issues: labour and migration law, including recruitment and employment of foreign citizens; consulting on the protection of personal data, commercial secrets and insider information; development and verification of human resource documentation, judicial and extrajudicial settlement of individual and collective labour disputes; representation of clients' interests in courts and governmental bodies; legal support in matters of occupational safety and labour remuneration, material responsibility of employees and support during inspections, as well as other client’s issues specific for labour and migration law.

Regulatory Issues icon Regulatory Issues

Regulatory structures are constantly improving all over the world. As the importance of transaction transparency grows and the costs of non-compliance with laws and regulatory enactments increase, companies seek to adapt to the growing pressure applied by regulatory bodies.

Due to extensive knowledge of legal regulation “Lawgistics” lawyers offer their clients effective solutions to regulatory issues through special legal means and methods developed by the company to reduce the risks and impact of complex regulatory regimes on transactions or daily operations.

Administrative Law and Legislation icon Administrative Law and Legislation

Knowledge of the legal system helps us in a timely manner to find the most appropriate and efficient solution meeting the wishes of our clients and achieving the best result.

Administrative law establishes norms of legality of legal acts issued by institutions, actual actions undertaken by institutions, as well as determines their appropriateness within the framework of the notion of freedom of action, and examines also the duties of natural entities within the framework of public law, including disputes over contracts in the field of public law.

The lawyers of “Lawgistics”" are always ready to provide defence of interests in the courts for administrative cases: our team is always on our client’s side!

Interaction with Regulatory and Supervisory Bodies icon Interaction with Regulatory and Supervisory Bodies

“Lawgistics” provides advice on the whole range of issues associated with ensuring legality of business operations and interacting with regulatory and supervisory bodies.

Our team of lawyers has experience in defending interests of companies, while dealing with regulators such as: customs bodies, including successful defence against customs charges in arbitration, administrative and criminal proceedings; tax bodies; bodies of the Prosecutor's Office; Ministry of Justice; Labour Inspectorate and other services specific for control supervision.

Tax Policy icon Tax Policy

Through interaction with a number of Latvian and foreign partners “Lawgistics” offers its clients tax advice services to minimize the impact of tax risks and ensure compliance with tax legislation.

Customs Law icon Customs Law

Thanks to invaluable long-term experience in regulating public relations in the process of movement of goods, cargo, baggage and vehicles across the state customs border in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, the qualified lawyers of “Lawgistics”" are always ready to help their clients with legal issues specific for the customs policy and customs procedures.

Transactions and Financing icon Transactions and Financing

“Lawgistics” lawyers render assistance to their clients in achieving the best business conditions and objective assessment of situation, as well as support the client in transactions associated with finances.

We will help you evaluate and study the investment opportunities in the territory of the European Union, as well as assess the capabilities of the target company and competitive advantages on the financial market and other issues related to understanding the main financial, tax and regulatory risks of the target company.

Company Law icon Company Law

The lawyers in “Lawgistics” have extensive academic knowledge and years of experience in the field of national and European company law.

We offer our clients legal support and all types of legal services in the field of company law at the highest level in organizing daily business, incorporating or dissolving a company, reorganizing, merging and acquiring businesses.

Our participation in business guarantees timely and high-quality implementation of the necessary measures to promote business activity and develop it not only in Latvia, but also abroad.

Furthermore,”Lawgistics” uses the most common and effective methods of standardizing services in the territories of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, ensuring compliance with regulatory enactments in the country of operations of each client.

Real Estate and Construction icon Real Estate and Construction

Our multifaceted lawyers in the sector of real estate combine in-depth knowledge with technical legal excellence to provide exceptional transaction, advisory and dispute settlement services in the field of construction and real estate.

We offer our clients support for real estate transactions, including sale and purchase, donations and mortgages of real estate, as well as operations of construction, development and other companies associated with construction, litigation in the field of real estate and construction.

Please find more detailed information about legal services of “Lawgistics” addressing your questions by phone at: +371 27094155.