About Lawgistics

About Lawgistics

“Lawgistics” is the number one company for the transport industry in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union.

The specialists of “Lawgistics” have the broadest knowledge and experience to provide qualified legal support in transactions specific for transport logistics in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, offering its clients also industry-specific consultative legal services, respecting the time and location convenient for the client.


“Lawgistics” is a legal company founded in 2016 and famous for its convincing victories in national and international disputes.

A team of brilliant lawyers led by Anastasia Shilova created the company built on decades of experience, academic and practical knowledge, which is essential for solving legal issues specific for transport system.

The specialists of the company successfully deal with difficult legal tasks, representing the interests of business at various levels of state power, as well as interacting with a number of Latvian and foreign partners.


Achieving your goals is the main objective of the “Lawgistics”" team! Accepting the best solutions offered by the consultants and lawyers of “Lawgistics” you will notice how your company is confidently running towards success!

The goal of “Lawgistics”" is solving complicated tasks, performing thorough analysis of the cases assigned by the client, as well as keeping in touch with the international legal community in uniting and perfecting talented, experienced lawyers to achieve the goal set by the client.


“Lawgistics” renders not only legal support in transport system, but also provides a full range of legal services, while interacting with the international legal community and forwarding legal services.

The qualified lawyers of “Lawgistics” also protect the interests of their clients in the field of industry issues, transport law, intellectual property, government procurement, labour and migration law, customs law, real estate and construction law, company law, public and administrative law, and solve any other tasks and issues set by the client.

Please find more detailed information about legal services of “Lawgistics” addressing your questions by phone at: (phone number).